Sunday, June 9, 2013

What is the ideal weight?

Have always coveted ideal body for everyone, especially the women. 90% of women in the world always want the ideal body weight, many ways also that they have taken to get the ideal body weight, ranging from slimming drugs and not least also uses natural ways and means - the other way.
Is there a formula to calculate your ideal weight?
Do not worry all here, consider the following, ideal body weight or body mass index (BMI) can be calculated with the following formula:
Women with Height = 161cm, weight = 58 kg

 BMI =-------------- = 22.37 (Normal)

            1.61 x 1.61
Look at the classification table value BMI (Body Mass Index)
BMI (BMI)     Nutritional                 Status Category
<17.0               Nutrition Less                         Very skinny
17.0 - 18.5       Less Skinny                 Nutritional
18.5 - 25.0       Normal                        Good Nutrition
25.0 - 27.0       Nutrition More            Fat
> 27.00            Nutrition More            Very Fat

How? Is yourideal weight ?

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